Latest from Sheffield CAMRA

  • Steel City Brewing

    - Steel City’s latest brew was a ‘super-collab’, with several of Sheffield’s craft-est breweries gathering along with Lucienne off of the Shakespeare to brew Collabracadabra for that pub’s eponymous event in Beer Week (Friday 13/03). Lucienne had been on a tour of the country brewing a dozen collabs for the event then a little closer to … Continue reading Steel City Brewing
  • Hopping Around: Romania

    - After the unexpected delights of Serbia, we headed into Romania with renewed optimism. Both of us had friends in the country who had warned us there might not be much in the way of decent beer. Luckily, they were wrong! Our first stop was Timisoara, about 40 miles from the Serbian border. As we were … Continue reading Hopping Around: Romania
  • Blue Bee Brewery

    - March sees the return of Sheffield Beer Week and we can’t wait to enjoy some of the great beery events planned throughout the city. We were really pleased to welcome Luicenne from the Shakespeare down to the brewery to brew a beer for their Collabracadabra brew fest, the beer in question is a style we … Continue reading Blue Bee Brewery