Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s latest brew Protz’s Pleasure is currently doing the rounds in Sheffield and beyond, as well as appearing at the CAMRA AGM at the end of April. As there’s apparently no such thing as a Black IPA, Dave and ‘Collaborator In Grimness’ Stuart from North Riding brewed a normal IPA and used some dark malt to change the colour. Columbus at First Wort and Magnum at boil make up 139IBU of bitter goodness, while the ever-increasing flame-out charge consisted of Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and Bramling Cross. Mosaic pellets in the fermenter complete the tropical fruit and strawberry flavours to contrast the bitterness.

TMB06 Protz V2 (3)

The 6.5%+ minikit version has been named in reference to Roger Protz’s comment on Black IPAs in a recent blog – Insult To History packs 180IBU of Magnum followed by a big flame-out charge of Simcoe, and some Columbus in the fermenter for good measure. There will be a short break in production (too many bank holidays in April and May!), the next brew will be out in June. Also in June, Steel City will be making their third appearance at Birrasana, at Blanes (just north of Barcelona). Four beers are being shipped over for the event: Grim Overlords, Protz’s Pleasure, Insult To History and Unholy Trinity.

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