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Firstly, if you cannot wait for our Sunfest at the Rising Sun (9-12 July) we would be delighted to see you at the Sheffield Breweries Co-Operative tent at Sheffield Food Festival. Please see the entry regarding that elsewhere in this issue. We were honoured to have the opportunity to host the legendary Mr Dan Rodgers of Griffin Claw Brewing Company, Michigan, at the end of March, and the beer we came up with together should be on the bars around Sheffield as we speak! It’s a beast of a beer, an English and American hybrid that really packs a punch, coming in at 6.7%, GriffindAle is to be respected! Abbeydale Eurocrat You may or may not be aware there is some sort of election going on, so in true Abbeydale style we will make light of the situation and we are releasing two beers this month that poke fun at those in or wanting to be in Westminster! First up is Dr Morton’s Eurocrat, a 4.1% pale beer made with Low Colour Maris Otter malt. Crisp hop aromas and flavours with citrus and grapefruit predominating from the New Zealand and American hops. A lasting bitter finish to this very refreshing beer. Abbeydale Corruption Secondly we have the return of Corruption, a 4.7% deep golden ale with a malty biscuity aroma. Pleasant hoppy undertones from the late addition of Chinook and Summit hops to give a well rounded bitterness and a delicate citrus flavour. You will find this beer on at the Food Festival! Towards the end of the month should see the release of one of our new ‘Signature’ range of beers, and before you know it, we will be heading into the summer months!

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