Welbeck Abbey

We have an exciting new partnership on our hands! The Roman Southwell Archaeology Community Project was established in January 2014 and since then has quickly gathered pace. They have not only conducted field walking and aerial surveys, but are now well on their way to conducting an excavation. To help raise awareness of this project, and perhaps a little cash too, we are teaming up to brew a Roman-style beer. The community group have researched the style of beer which would have been brewed back then, and we have formulated a recipe. We will be brewing a 3.8%  British barley focused pale ale using the aptly named British Boadicea hops. The beer is to be called ‘Roman Southwell Gladiator’. These hops are named after the famous Queen of the Iceni tribe, who led a rebellion against the Romans in the 1st century AD. They have a distinctively fresh British meadow aroma of herb and fresh grass – a truly Romano-British beer! The beer will be brewed on Monday 8th June at Welbeck with the help of the volunteer archaeologists. They will be able to measure out all the raw ingredients and add them to the brewing process, just as our ancestors have done for centuries. We will be launching this beer at the Hearty Goodfellow in Southwell on Thursday 25th June at 7pm. Please join us on the day for a taster and to meet the group. The beer will be available to purchase in most of the Southwell pubs after this date If you miss it on cask, or would like to try the bottled version, the group will be retailing the beer at all their events from the start of July. For further details about the project please contact Matt Beresford matt@mbarchaeology.co.uk

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