Blue Bee and Three Tuns helps with CAMRA member’s birthday celebrations

Many thanks to all at Blue Bee and the Three Tuns for assisting with recent birthday celebrations. Josh allowed myself and a number of friends to assist (interfere?) on a brew day and the resulting one-off, pale and hoppy concoction subsequently took pride of place at my birthday party. Thanks to the Three Tuns (a well-deserved contender for the Sheffield 2016 PoTY) for hosting the party – hope you all enjoyed ‘Hey Ho Six Oh!,‘ a 4.3% four-hop epic which was available nationwide. For the technically minded: the 10 bbl. brew included 10 bags of Fawcett malted barley and 5 kg of wheat. Hops were Azzaca, Chinock, Columbus and Summit. – Dave Pickersgill

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