Blue Bee Brewery

As summer begins we keep ploughing forward with new specials. The first of which is brewed with the marmite hop: Sorachi Ace. We have showcased this love it or hate American hop in Sorachi Pale 4.5% which has a clean, crisp malt flavour allowing the coconut and lime flavours from this distinctive hop of Japanese origin to shine through. On top of this we have brewed Amarella Pale 3.9%.  A crisp, refreshing, session pale perfect for the summer sunshine combining American Amarillo and Australian Ella hops to give citrus and peach flavours leading to a dry bitter finish. As well as this we have re-brewed Ella IPA 5.0% as our single hopped IPA for July. This beer showcases Australian Ella hops which impart their cedar and peach hop characteristics. Finally we plan on brewing our Ginger Beer 4.5% throughout the summer season, this fiery pale ale is brewed with over 30 kg of fresh root ginger that is great for a sunny summer afternoon in the beer garden. Josh Jepson, Blue Bee Head Brewer

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