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Carbrook Hall (537 Attercliffe Common, S9 2FJ) has an historic pub interior of some regional importance. The original building was owned by the Blunt family from 1176. It was rebuilt in 1462, and was bought by Thomas Bright (Lord of the Manor of Ecclesall) in the late 16th century. His descendant, John Bright, was an active Parliamentarian during the English Civil War, and the building was used as a Roundhead meeting place during the siege of Sheffield Castle (1644). Most of the building was demolished in the 19th century, what survives is a Grade II listed stone wing that was added ~1620. By 1860 Carbrook Hall was listed as a common beer house. A 1917 plan indicates that the pub was multi-roomed (for brewers Messr’s. J.Richdale & Co.Ltd. By Hall & Fenton, 10 Paradise Square, 28/01/17). Alterations were approved by Sheffield Licensing Justices in January 1917. Further plans (24/11/1925) indicate that, at this point, the central Tap Room was opened out with the bar becoming repositioned. A further set of plans (F.Ratcliff, Orchard Chambers, Church Street 2/12/1937, approved 15/03/1938) indicate extensions for ‘Urinals, Coats and Garage.’ The panelled room is now designated as ‘Old Oak Room,’ previously it was described as ‘Smoke Room.’ A further set of plans (approved 26/10/1943) indicate a relocation of the bar area and the removal of a staircase from the bar area. The central Smoke Room is now designated as ‘Lounge.’ 1965 brought the addition of interior toilets. The next change is in 1970. Plans from Bass Charrington North Ltd (Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson and Partners) show a further reconfiguration of the bar area into its current position. A final set of plans for Wm.Stones (Melling & Ridgeway, Charter House, Moore Street, S3 7UR, August 1982) also have the current lay-out. The ‘Old Oak Room’ includes a 17th.century panelled ground floor room with vine trail plaster frieze and enriched cross beam ceiling, also with vine trail. There is also an elaborate early 17th.century oak chimneypiece with Corinthian columns and allegorical figures and Latin inscription on the over mantel. The motif represents Wisdom trampling upon Ignorance. It also has framed panelling with painted decoration and larger stone chimneypiece with corniced mantelshelf and over mantel flanked by unusual caryatids. Carbrook Hall was a CAMRA GBG entry in the 1990’s: we hope the recent re-introduction of cask conditioned beer heralds a renaissance of the pub. Thanks to Sheffield Archives for assistance in located various plans.carbrook-hall-1

6 thoughts on “Heritage pubs with Dave Pickersgill – Carbrook Hall

  1. Hello Dave I messaging about the recent plans to turn one of our beautiful places and our heritage I. Sheffield the Carbrooke Hall public house! This pub has recently been bought by Asian people whom bought the Sportsman pub on Barnsley Road and the “new owners!” Have plans to turn these pubs into Restaurants! I feel very personal about this! The Car brook hall pub is a Massive part of our history!! Is there anything we can do to??? This is our history!!

  2. Helen – do you have contact details for the new owners? – thanks, Dave

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