Closed Shop, Commonside

Food is back on the menu at the Closed Shop. Following an extensive refurbishment of the pub’s kitchen facilities, Stancill Brewery has appointed local chef Rose Heggie to develop brand new food offerings. Drawing upon her previous experience working at some of Sheffield’s best-known restaurants including Whirlow Hall Farm, The Summer House and The Rising Sun, Rose has pioneered a brand new menu featuring locally sourced produce. To mark the reopening of The Closed Shop’s kitchen, pub manager Hayley McPhie is offering locals the chance to see the fruits of their labour on the menu and has teamed up with local allotment owners to swap vegetables for beer vouchers. Hayley said: “Our new menu is a celebration of the best food available within Sheffield. Our meats are carefully chosen from local farmers and we use local producers for our fruit and vegetables. Working in an allotment can be hard, thirsty work and we wanted to reward the efforts of local growers and hit on the idea of ‘vegetales’ giving enthusiastic amateur gardeners the chance to see their produce on the menu. “We provide allotment owners with beer vouchers for the surplus produce they have grown. It’s a win-win all round – gardeners are able to enjoy a beer, surplus vegetables aren’t wasted and everything is grown close to the pub, making it good for the environment as all the allotments are in walking distance.” More information about the Vegetales scheme is available from members of staff. Food is served daily from 12pm–10pm Mon–Sat and Sunday lunches are available from 12pm onwards.

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