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By the time you’re reading this our 200th gyle celebratory brew, Double Century IPA (7.2%), a beast of an IPA brewed with a sextet of hops in extremely generous quantities will have flown the brewery nest and hit bars. We’re really excited about this one and would love feedback. Following the example of our 100th gyle, Century IPA, we used the landmark as an excuse to indulge our hop habit and spare no expense to produce a proper IPA with massive hop character and flavour.


We’ve brought back a couple of old favourites in recent weeks. Maia (3.8%), our Spring Autumn pale ale, last brewed in…well, spring, was intended to be a one-off but the quenching and refreshing Citra and Azacca hopped pale full of citrus and mango flavours garnered great feedback last time, so we decided to squeeze it into the brew schedule again. Another old favourite, Manna (4.3%), a mango pale ale chock-full of tropical hops and real mango, which was another to be very well received when we brewed it last year, will also be making a return.


Beers making their debuts will include Bunyip, a 4.5% Vic Secret pale (named after a creature in Aboriginal mythology associated with Victoria, Australia where Vic Secret hops are grown if you were wondering) and Wolf IPA, the latest single hopped IPA showcasing Styrian Wolf hops from Slovenia. It’s rare for us to stray far from the US, Australia or New Zealand for most of our (considerable) hopping needs but we’ve been impressed with this relatively new European variety which brings intense fruity characteristics.

An as-yet-unnamed Mocha Porter is on the cards soon too, along with a ~6% NZ IPA. Kefka will keep the unusual non US/NZ/AU hop theme going and be the first beer we’ve brewed with all English hops, showcasing the Jester variety. Points if you get the name reference straight away.

Gavin Martin

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