Blue Bee Brewery

First of all, we were really pleased that our Ginger Beer (4.5%) came second overall at Sheffield Beer Festival back in October, it was a great event as ever. Ginger Beer will be available throughout the Christmas period, with its fiery ginger kick it is perfect to warm you up during these cold, dark winter months. On to the new beers we are brewing over next couple of months… after not brewing a Christmas beer last year, we have caved and decided to brew something with a slight Christmas theme. It’s Mine (4.8%) is a chocolate orange flavoured stout inspired by the classic stocking filler. On top of this our next single-hopped IPA will be Simcoe IPA (5.0%) showcasing this great American hop which imparts big flavours of citrus and grapefruit. We are also really excited about using US Eureka hops for the first time, brewing Eureka Pale (4.7%) an American pale that should let this relatively new hop shine through with its citrus, peach, stone fruit and pine-like flavours. Also keep an eye out for Azacca Pale (3.8%) and American 5 Hop Version 25 (4.3%) which should be making an appearance in December and January. Finally we would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and all the best for 2018. Josh Jepson

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