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Hoppy New Year everybody (it never gets old… well, at least for us!). Things are looking up at the Sheffield Brewery Company this year with some exciting things on the horizon. This month, we’ll be releasing our first collaboration beer… Based in Leeds, Eyes Brewing is the UK’s first and only wheat brewery and quite possibly the first wheat-focused brewery to open anywhere in the World since the mid 20th century. With a vision to create exciting and innovative range of wheat forward beers inspired by tradition, modern concepts and long-forgotten ale styles, The Sheffield Brewery Company and Eyes Brewing joined forces on a cold, wintry Tuesday morning to brew a Toasted Wheat New England IPA. Dry hopped within an inch of its life, look out for this exciting, hazy, hoppy beer available in limited edition cask and keg. We are also excited to announce that we’ll be celebrating Sheffield Beer Week with our own Sheffield Homebrewers Competition. As a brewery, we’ve always supported new talent and brewers passionate about making beer in the comfort of their own home (from little acorns, and all that!). Whether its friendly advice or inviting brewers to come in for the day and brew with us, we are taking it to the next step and launching a competition to showcase some of the best beers as brewed by you, the people. The winner of the competition will be invited to come and brew their beer with us, which will be made available commercially. Details can be sound at on how to enter. Whilst we’re on the theme of competitions, March also sees The Sheffield Brewery Company go to BeerX in Liverpool as a finalist in the SIBA Independent Beer Awards with our Gold-winning porter, Brunswick Black. Make sure you pick up a bottle or two from them brewery or your local stockist (see website for a comprehensive list). Keep an eye out on our website for more details about our forthcoming events and various new beers we’ll be producing this year. Nick Law

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