Beer mat mania!

Beer mat collectors take note – the Steel City 44 festival beer mats have now been released and should soon start appearing in your local pubs and bars. Like last year, the mats will feature a sponsor’s logo on one side and a section of the official festival poster on the reverse. To get the full poster, you’ll have to find the full set but you’re very unlikely to ever find all of them in the same place so you will have to do some searching! We would like to say thank you to the 12 sponsors who have kindly agreed to sponsor a beer mat:
  • Abbeydale
  • Acorn
  • Blue Bee
  • Bradfield
  • JD Wetherspoon
  • Little Critters
  • Lost Industry
  • Loxley Brewery
  • O’Hara’s Rum
  • Sentinel Brewery
  • Sheffield Brewery
  • True North
The mats are currently being distributed around the city but please note that Wetherspoon’s mats will only be available in their own pubs. There will also be some sets reserved for charity auctions as there have been in previous years. More details about these will become available in the coming weeks.

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