Heritage Pubs: Royal Standard

We were recently contacted regarding some etched windows at the Royal Standard on St. Mary’s Road. These looked the part: three glass panels across the front of the pub, each with a distinctive ‘HB’ initial. The initial suggestion was that ‘HB’ referred to the long-lost Hoosons Brewery (1865–1914). Their Park Brewery on Cricket Inn Road, along with their 31 pubs, were taken over by Ind Coope in 1914. However, the Brewery History Society states that the Royal Standard was obtained by S. H. Wards in 1876, from William Bradley. The next thought was that ‘HB’ referred to a past Landlord: the only possibility was Henry Piggott, a licensee in the 1850s and 60s.

Finally, a visit to Sheffield Archives found the solution. From 1972, until it was discontinued in 1985, the Royal Standard was subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) from Sheffield City Council concerning the development of the Inner Ring Road. The file concerned with the CPO included a colour photo of the pub – no etched windows! Hence the windows were possibly late 20th century, not a relic of a by-gone age.

More research saw more recent photos and plans for a 2002 revamp (Ian Whitehead Contract Furnishing Limited for Enterprise Inns Limited) bringing changes leading to the present configuration of an opened out central area with wide spaces leading to what were originally the three separate rooms. ‘HB’ refers to The Bramwell Pub Company Limited, a subsidiary of Enterprise Inns plc. Bramwell went into administration in 2013: some pubs were sold to other operators while others, including the Royal Standard, reverted back to Enterprise Inns.

We believe the windows were installed in 2002. Thanks to Dermot Kennedy and Jamie Thompson for their assistance.

Dave Pickersgill

5 thoughts on “Heritage Pubs: Royal Standard

  1. Interesting..my ggg grandad was alderman william Bradley of soho brewery. He loved at manor oaks.

  2. I’m trying to trace a landlord of the royal standard. Name was Rowland around mid to late 1800. They had a daughter who died there aged around 5?

    1. The licencee was Charles Elliott according to the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census. Looks as though his mother married a Henry Piggott as his 2 children were living with them in 1871. Charles is the Gt grandfather of my husband’s nan. The family appear to have lived at 180 St Mary’s Rd for quite a few years.

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