Loxley Brewery are set to be brewing more beer very soon, as they are bringing more fermenters into the micro-brewery. Since moving all of the bottling equipment over to the new bottling plant (right outside the doors of the brewery) they have created space to brew more fantastic ales, with the hopes to widen their core range and introduce more specials over the next year. If you have recently visited The Wisewood Inn and like your keg ales, you may have noticed a Loxley Brewery keg. At the moment the core range of cask ales are also being kegged every now and then. If this is something which interests the general public Loxley Brewery hope to expand this and create a diverse range of cask and keg ales for all to enjoy. So far, so good.  With the core range of cask ales already on the pumps ‘upstairs’ at the newly refurbished Wisewood Inn, you can also find the ales at The Raven Inn, who are still offering a take out service as well as indoor table service due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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