Dry January, Tryanuary and Flavourful February

If you’ve managed to stay Dry for the month of January we should immediately congratulate you for a sterling effort, the drinking excesses of the festive season can often by balanced with a fit & healthy Dry January, but given the current Covid 19 situation, staying fully Dry since New Year’s Day is a true personal achievement, we wish you luck during this final week of the month!

Resisting temptation is a touch easier of course due to the rapid expansion of No/Low Alcohol beers over the last five years & its now a much simpler task to get the flavour without the big ABV, with dozens of 0.5% choices now available. If you’re new to the No/Low Alcohol scene then watch out for fantastic beers from Big Drop, Nirvana & Lucky Saint alongside tasty 0.5% options from established brewers like Thornbridge, Sam Smiths, Northern Monk, Lervig & To Ol.

The flipside to Dry for many drinkers in January is of course, Tryanuary, with many people choosing to Try new things during the month to help support brewers, pubs & retailers during a normally quieter time for sales. If you’ve been a Tryer during January then please accept our thanks, we hope you’ve enjoyed trying lots of new styles or new breweries over the month. Despite the ongoing pub closures, breweries are doing a fantastic job in getting as much beer as possible into bottles & cans & with a week of Tryanuary to go as we write this, we wish you the very best in trying something new over the next 7 days!

February is likely to bring us all back together on the same page, as drinkers & customers settle back into a normal rhythm once January is out of the way. It also seems likely that Covid19 restrictions are to continue & so drinking at home is going to remain our only option. With that in mind we’re sure that the beer retailers of Sheffield & North Derbyshire are ordering some spectacular new brews as we speak, the cans, bottles & growlers will continue to fly out of the doors.

Here at Beer Central we remain open as normal (with plenty of safety measures in place of course) and you should expect to see new beers in February from a whole range of brewing superstars including, North Riding, Vault City, Nerd, Deya, Kees, Pomona Island, Five Towns, Northern Monk, Verdant, Cloudwater & North, in addition to an endless stream of local brews from Thornbridge, St Mars, Loxley, Bradfield, Kelham, & so on.

Whatever you did in January, whatever your plans are for February, give yourself a pat on the back. Life isn’t quite what it should be at the moment, but we’re all doing our bit, at some point along the way we all deserve a beer….. but the choices are endless, thank goodness for that!

Sean Clarke

Outlet MS3, The Moor Market. Sheffield. S1 4PF. Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm. On Sundays we stay in bed.

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