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You may recall the collaborations between Steel City Brewing, Lost Industry and Emperors producing some crazy beers themed with Star Wars puns with the last outing being “Stout Wars” and some talk at the time of further beers and barrel ageing. Well, the next installment, that was brewed back in March, is about ready to launch and the “Sour Wars” series along with some barrel aged stouts will be making their premiere at the Crow Inn on Saturday 16 October.

The First Trilogy – 13.7% Imperial Black Sour

  • Episode I – The Cranachan Menace
    Aged in Highland whisky barrel with raspberries and honey
  • Episode II – Attack of the Stones
    Aged in Bordeaux red wine barrel with cherries
  • Episode III – Orange of the Sith
    Hurricane-inspired sour aged in Caribbean rum barrel with orange, lemon, lime and passionfruit

Also featuring

  • Steel City – But… Why Is The Rum Gone? (cask) 5.4% – Rum barrel aged stout with Crow Blend coffee. Megacollab with Ridgeside, Neepsend, Beer Ink, Lost Industry, Silver Brewhouse and Imperial
  • Steel City + Emperor’s + Lost Industry – Stout Wars: Rogue IV (cask) 12.0% – Imperial stout with coffee, vanilla and almond
  • Steel City + Emperor’s + Lost Industry – Stout Wars: Rogue VI (keg) 10.6% – Blended wine barrel aged sour stout with raisins
  • Reptilian + Steel City – Reptile Steel (keg) 6.3% – Sour IPA with pineapple

About Andy Cullen

Andy has been actively involved in CAMRA since the early 2000s after being recruited to sit on a National Younger Members Task Group. Since then he has held roles on the branch committee including Secretary, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor, Chair and now Social Secretary. Andy has also been involved with the Steel City Beer & Cider Festival almost every year since becoming active in the branch.

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