Pub heritage walks

In September, as part of Heritage Open Days and Sheffield Walking Festival, we led two pub heritage walks. These were the first such events since 13 March 2020, the evening which saw my last pub visit for almost six months: a final beer in the Wellington.

The first walk commenced in the lounge at Fagan’s, in a room which, 200 years ago was a tenement adjacent to the Rawsons-owned, Barrel pub. The name change came in 1985 when long serving landlord, Joe Fagan retired and current occupants, Barbara and Tom Boulding took over the reins. We then progressed along Bailey Lane to both the Dog & Partridge and the Grapes. The latter is the best remaining example of a Rawsons pub while the Dog has a small intimate snug which, in the 1974, almost became a gents toilet. Then it was the sights of West Street before finishing in the CAMRA National Inventory-listed, Bath Hotel: a pub which is (almost) unchanged since the 1931 Ind Coope renovation.

Bath Hotel plans

Two days later, we commenced in the Fat Cat, the pub that, when opened in 1981, doubled the number of different cask beers available in Sheffield. Then to Shalesmoor, passing both ex- and current pubs and breweries before finishing at the original home of ‘Blanco,’ Sheffield Brewery Company with both a brewery tour and a welcome drink. The latter was from the bar which was originally at the now-demolished Sheffield University Ranmoor Hall. They also have an interesting selection of branded bricks as part of the recent outside development.

Thanks to the 37 participants and all who assisted. Future walks are planned for Sheffield Beer Week in March and again, next September.

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