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Happy New Year everyone and here’s hoping that at the time of reading this you’re sat in one of our wonderful local pubs enjoying a delicious pint!

At the time of writing, it’s fair to say that our plan is a little bit up in the air as we are doing our best to remain flexible and adaptable in light of ever-changing circumstances, but here’s what we’re hoping you will be able to find on bars throughout February!

Dr Morton’s Duck Baffler (4.1%) is a staple of our range at this time of year, so we’re looking forward to having this Citra single hopped pale ale back in our lives! Also on the pale ale front, we’re teaming up with Charles Faram, one of our excellent hop suppliers, to try out an experimental hop for the next of our Hopback series. Tantalisingly titled CF247, it’s one of the stickiest, oilest hops produced in the UK to date and should hold dank, tropical notes alongside yummy berry flavours.

The next of our Salvation series will be an Irish Stout (4.5%), classic and more-ish with a smooth, roasted malt character and soft notes of chocolate and coffee. Bitter and sweet in perfect balance!

Remember Huckster Cryo, our collaboration with Peddler Market? Well it’s back, but with a new face! We’ve brought it in line with our Brewers’ Emporium range and it will soon be released as Wanderer – Cryo NEIPA (6.0%). The recipe has stayed exactly the same so expect all the juicy, tropical good vibes you know and love. 

We’re also lining up some exciting releases in time for Sheffield Beer Week, which we’re really looking forward to in March, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that! 

…And if things don’t play out in quite the way we’re currently hoping, we will of course have plenty of beer out in can too, so please do pay a local beer shop (or our online store) a visit!


Laura, Abbeydale Brewery

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