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We’ve been busy sourcing some excellent beer for our second Winter Ales Festival. We’re confident that all bases are covered, there will be traditional styles, hop forward, unfined, soupy numbers, along with a healthy dose of ridiculous imperial keg beer, (that will be offered in ⅓ pints) There will be delicious pizza from Sunshine Pizza Oven to soak it all up and music playing in the beer garden to dance it off, if you’re that way inclined!

Here are some of the splendid breweries, old and new, that we’re lucky enough to be showcasing…

  • Neepsend Brew Co… We are very proud to have been affiliated with these guys from day one. Their fresh, generously hopped pales have always been a hit. We’ve barged our way into the brewery and chucked a handful of Sabro hops into a cask of their Radogost, hazy IPA and shoved some Cascade hops into their (award winning!!) session New England, Myron. They don’t do stouts as often, but my gosh… when they do!! We dug out a keg of Gogmagog from the back of the cold store, a 9% tonka and vanilla stout, brewed back in December 2020. It was exceptional back then, we’re hoping it’s even better now.
  • Torrside! Brewing in New Mills since 2015, we were late to the Torrside party, having first served their beer at our summer festival this year… We’re making up for lost time! They are masters of any style they turn their hand to, but boy do they know how to do smoked beer! I’m off to the brewery to collect a cask of “Persist and Resist”, a 5.6% ESB with beach, oak and cherrywood smoked malt. Ok, they do deliver to Sheffield, but who’d turn down a day out in the High Peak, a nose around the brewery and chance to swap my hard earned wages for some bottles of exceptional, small batch beer, the likes of which I may never taste again?!
  • Bang The Elephant. They’ve been on the scene since 2017, we were lucky enough to get some of their early brews through swaps with Neepsend. I remember doing a double take at their name, but it didn’t take me long to realise that this brewery deserved a name as bizarre as its beers! Don’t get me wrong, they do a banging APA, DIPA etc, however, adjuncts, barrel aged impy stouts are particularly their bag. We’ve got our hands on a keg of “WACK!” a 10.6% bourbon barrel aged Belgian Quad style beer. BtE themselves have described this beer as “A freak of Nature” so we’re certainly in for a treat!
  • Marble, celebrating their 25th birthday this year! My real ale drinking career (hobby, habit, whatever) started down south in the early 2000’s in a Young’s pub, so you can imagine my delight at moving up north and trying Marble beer for the first time. They were trailblazing then, but unlike many similar breweries, they’ve kept up with the trends and continue to be awesome! We have a cask of “Ogden’s Foreign Extra Stout” the winner of a home brew competition. It’s gone on to win at Stockport Beer Festival, so there is no doubt we’re on to a winner!
  • Lost Industry, the Sheffield legends! If it can be brewed, it shall!! Egged on by their mates (Steel City, Beer Ink, Weird Beard and many more!) they will brew owt, from a sensible oatmeal stout to an Iron Brew sour… and a lot in between!! We’ve got a cask of Watermelon Wheat Beer. I’m not sure it should be in a cask, but it is and we shall enjoy it!
  • Big Trip , new kids on the block! (well, sort of) This lovely duo have hailed from Night Jar (previously Slightly Foxed). I’m not sure where we found them. They don’t seem to be on the internet yet (the epitome of hipster!) They’re from Manchester(ish) and their beers are juicy, hoppy delights!

The beers mentioned are guaranteed to be on, but we also have a load of favourites from the likes of Ashover, Pentritch, Distant Hills, Mallinsons, Triple Point and many more!

We hope to see you all there!


The Winter Ales festival takes place at the Sheaf View from 4pm on Friday 11 November and on Saturday 12 November. The pub can be found at 25 Gleadless Road in Heeley. Nearest bus routes are 20/24/25/43/44/X17 on London Road or alternatively buses 1a/11/18/252 on Prospect Road.

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