Brewery bits

Bradfield Brewery now have two Gluten Free beers in their bottled range, available from their on site shop. The bottled versions of Farmers Blonde and Farmers Brown Cow are now suitable for those needing a Gluten Free option!

Meanwhile on cask the first half of 2024 will see a similar calendar of monthly seasonal specials from Bradfield as last year with a rotation of Light Ale (January), Irish Dexter (February), Plum Bitter (March), CruciBull Ale (April), Cherry Beer (May), WimBullDon (June) and Elderflower Ale (July).

Grizzly Grains released another beer just before Christmas, meaning they had 3 ales plus mead out in the pubs over the holiday season. The latest beer was Lustre, a citra hopped golden ale.

Tapped Brew Co, based at the Sheffield Tap bar, celebrated their 1000th brew with “Grand”, a 5.9% ABV classic IPA with a hop bill that delivers some pronounced bitterness.

A recent brew from Triple Point has been Cappadocia, a 4.6% pale ale. Soft and fruity, with peach, tangerine, and pineapple flavours. Using El Dorado, Cashmere, and Wolf hops. This beer kicks off a new series of bucket list inspired beers, with this one based on a hot air balloon ride in sunny Cappadocia, Turkey, apparently!

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