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Bradfield Brewery‘s current seasonal beers include Farmers Irish Dexter (A deep red coloured ale with a sweet malty flavour and a dry finish) which has been available since 19 February and Farmers Plum Bitter available during March.

Lots of excitement at Triple Point Brewing with the brewery expanding into the warehouse area following the arrival of a number of new vessels of varying capacity – 5,000 litre, 2,500 litre and a pilot vessel. The pilot kit means they can play around brewing new experimental beers in smaller quantities. March then sees the brewery’s bar hosting a number of Sheffield Beer Week events as well as the team pouring their beer at Indie Beer Feast. That is just the warm up however, for Friday 15 March sees the brewery’s 5th birthday bash, kicking off at 7pm across the tap room and warehouse areas which will be open until 1am with four special birthday beer releases on tap (including a limited edition pilot brew from each brewer), birthday cake and a DJ playing music from 2019, the year Triple Point launched.

Dave Unpronouncable from Steel City Brewing believed only a madman would cask a 7% stout these days, so obviously, that’s what he did. This minikit production was available to try exclusively at the Wellington in Shalesmoor and was called “I’m Sparticus and So’s My Wife”. It was a strong stout brewed with muscovado sugar and molasses.

February saw Stancill‘s Valentines special hit the bars. “Juliet” is a 3.9% ABV pale ale.

A recent new beer from Lost Industry Brewing available in both cask and keg form is “Woodpecker from Mars”. It is a 5.2% ABV pale ale brewed with Mosaic and Amarillo hops, delivering a light, crisp and fruity beer. You can usually find their new beers at their tap bar, Lost in West Bar.

Acorn Brewery of Barnsley are currently running a series of IPAs brewed with experimental hop varieties supplied by Charles Faram. The latest beer release in this series is CF299.

A recent beer release from Chantry Brewery of Parkgate, Rotherham, has been “Magical Hopster Tour”, a 4.1% ABV pale ale. One of their tap pubs – the Chantry Inn – is in Handsworth, Sheffield and is usually a good place to try their beers, alternatively the brewery itself has a bar that is open as a live music venue at the weekend and it can be easily reached from Sheffield on the Tram Train.

Jolly Boys Brewery of Redbrook, Barnsley, have changed the recipe of their 3.8% ABV Blonde. It is still brewed with Yorkshire Malt and British grown hops but the flavour is now more leaning towards new world with subtle notes of citrus, melon and stone fruit. Their tap pubs are located on the Arcade in Barnsley town centre and on Moorthorpe station.

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