Beer Matters Plea

Eh up! Copy, and a plea.

Throughout May, the Dorothy Pax at Victoria Quays will be home to an art display with a difference: PUMP-CLIPS. Richard Hough (noted local Brewer, and ale toper) will take you on a journey to some of the beers he has brewed in the past – via the medium of art we know as The Pump-clip.

This humble item provides a splash of colour on the bar, and vital information as well. They are the first point-of-sale for millions of pints sold in pubs across the UK every day. 

Yet so often overlooked, every pump-clip has its own story to tell. 

Rich has some gaps in the collection. If any of you hoarders out there have copies of BM411, BM415, BM418, BM426 for the art installation at DPx, please get in touch. Your copies of Beer Matters will be returned after the event. Many thanks!

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