• Welbeck Abbey Brewery

    - Happy June! Summer is on the way and we’ve brewed some delicious specials this month to help get you feeling those summer vibes. We’re starting June with Duck Decoy, a popular 4.6% hoppy USA pale. This beer is filled with the mouth-wateringly fresh aromas of pear, orange and passion fruit, however at a low strength … Continue reading Welbeck Abbey Brewery
  • Abbeydale Brewery

    - We really are hurtling through 2019 at an alarming rate! Luckily we have plenty of delicious beers coming out this month to help you ease into summer. Our Reaper series has been lying low for a while, but now it’s back! This time we’re releasing a Grapefruit Wheat Beer (4.8%) with the zesty fruitiness of Citra and … Continue reading Abbeydale Brewery
  • Steel City Brewing (and friends)

    - A long time ago in a galaxy far… No, wait, we’ve done that bit. Erm. Skip a bit, brother… wait, wrong film. I’ll come in again. It is a dark time for the lunatic brewing alliance as the Stout Wars rage on. Although the six stouts have been destroyed, Imperial stout troops have driven the … Continue reading Steel City Brewing (and friends)
  • Brewery Bits

    - Triple Point Brewhouse & Bar on Shoreham Street (the premises that used to be Sentinel Brewery) have racked their first full brew of “Debut IPA” following a couple of test brews to gain feedback. They have also supplied a beer to the bar at the Crucible Theatre that tied in with the “Standing at the … Continue reading Brewery Bits
  • Barlow Brewery

    - Glyn Sanderson founded Barlow Brewery back in January 2010, initially on a rather Heath Robinson esque 2.5 BBL kit, later expanded up to 5BBL. It was located in converted buildings on a working farm in the village of Barlow (the building was previously a cow shed and pig sty!). All the beers brewed at Barlow … Continue reading Barlow Brewery