It’s our ruby anniversary!

This is the 40th year that Sheffield has hosted a beer festival organised by Campaign for Real Ale volunteers making it one of the oldest CAMRA festivals in the country.

With around 150 real ales, ciders and perries, live music, pub games, food and stalls, all in a fantastic new venue, we hope you’ll have a great time celebrating the anniversary!

Times, Prices and Entertainment


See the schedule below for the entry prices of different sessions.

  • Discounted advance booking is available for groups of 10+.
  • Otherwise, you don’t have to book, simply pay on the gate.
  • Arrive in the afternoon and you won’t have to pay for the evening session.
  • Children accompanied by an adult are welcome until 8pm but must not approach the bars.

Glasses and Programmes

Commemorative glasses will be available for £2 which you may either return for your £2 back or keep to display proudly at home. A commemorative programme will also be available for £1 with all the beer/cider lists and entertainment details.



Non-members are very welcome but why not join CAMRA now and get discounted entry?


If you’re a CAMRA member, don’t forget to bring your proof of membership!

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Quiet session
(no music)
Amelia Carter Band
Quiet session
(no music)
Fancy Dress!
Loxley Silver Band
Charity Pub Quiz

Venue: Kelham Island Museum

This year’s 40th anniversary festival sees us move to a new venue, one that hopefully will provide a character appropriate to the occasion to celebrate Sheffield as the “Beer Capital” of the UK.


The Museum

Kelham Island Museum stands on a man-made island that is over 900 years old, providing a historic setting for the festival. The museum tells the story of the growth of the Steel City through the Victorian Era and two world wars to see how steelmaking forged both the city of today and the world!

The Bessemer Converter

This year’s festival artwork commemorates the Bessemer converter exhibited at the museum which was last used at Workington, Cumbria to make rails used around the world that was last blown 40 years ago this year.

Find out more about the Bessemer converter on the museum’s website or the Bessemer process on Wikipedia.

The Festival

The festival will be spread around the museum including the upper gallery, a marquee outside and the Millowners pub all with different entertainment and things to do offering some­thing for everyone.

Contact us for more information


  1. Hi just wondering what details of tickets for Saturday 26th Oct for 10 people.


    [phone number removed]

    1. Hi Andrew,

      There’s a few details about tickets in the first article of the latest Beer Matters (along with a glaring spelling mistake) but I expect more will be posted here soon.

  2. Could you please tell me where i can obtain tickets for the beer festival before the event.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Gordon,

      There’s a few details about tickets in the first article of the latest Beer Matters (along with a glaring spelling mistake) but I expect more will be posted on the Festival page soon.

  3. May I just say I hope to be at your Real Ale and Cider Festival this year. Also The Website is looking GREAT.

    1. CHEERS David! It’s still a work in progress but good to hear some positive feedback so soon. Hope you enjoy the festival!

      1. I been working at the Steel City beer festivle for over 20 years now and i wil be at the vinu between and 11.30 am on Friday Morning . I hoping there
        is plenty of helpers to set it up and to take it down afterwoods and i am looking forwood to see the beer and Cider list for this year Cheers

        1. We’ve got enough helpers at the moment thanks and things are moving on well. All of the cooling’s set up and beers are getting tapped ready for opening tomorrow evening. The beer and cider lists are on the site; just hover over the Beer Festival tab and a drop down menu will appear giving you the different drinks lists to choose from.
          See you on Friday Andrew. Thanks for volunteering again.

    1. Hopefully we’ll have this up on the site soon. We’re just finalising a few things.

  4. Is there a staffing form available for the beer festival? I sent a request for one to the festival email address & have received no reply (over two weeks ago).

  5. The provisional beer list is now online. The link drops down from the beer festival tab on the menu at the top of this page!

    Usual disclaimer that all beers are subject to availability. The beer list published is what has been ordered but this can change come delivery day! All beers will go on sale as soon as they are ready to serve, once they are gone they are gone!

  6. Daft question but can you get anything other than real ale and cider at the beer festival tomorrow?

    1. Not daft at all Richard. We have foreign beers including lager and fruit beers. We also have wine and even soft drinks available.

    1. Hi Deborah, if it’s anything like previous years then I think they are before 7pm if accompanied by an adult and as long as they don’t approach the bars. I’m afraid I don’t know for certain – hopefully Geoff or Andy can give a more definite answer if they’re about.

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