CAMRA LocAle is an accreditation scheme to promote pubs that sell locally-brewed real ale.

What are the objectives of LocAle?

  • To improve consumer choice due to more locally brewed real ales being available in pubs
  • To help local brewers sell more real ale allowing them to expand, benefiting the local economy and real ale choice
  • To reduce “beer miles” resulting in less road congestion and pollution
  • To increase tourism as successful local brewers give the area greater distinctiveness and therefore tourist appeal
  • To help pubs to thrive due to the wider availability of local real ales in pubs boosting the number of pub visits

In short CAMRA LocAle is about consumer choice, local jobs, supporting a sustainable environment, creating local distinctiveness and promoting local pubs.

Which are locally-brewed real ales?

Whether a given real ale qualifies as locally-brewed is determined by the distance from the pub to the brewery. The Sheffield & District branch has chosen a distance of 20 miles.

Here are some of the breweries that qualify as brewing locally-brewed real ales based on there being 20 miles from the centre of Sheffield (LocAle breweries).

Which pubs will be accredited?

A pub will be accredited when the Sheffield & District branch has established that a pub consistently serves well-kept real ale and that at least one locally-brewed real ale is on sale most of the time.

What pubs are accredited right now?

Here are the pubs that have been accredited to date (LocAle pubs). Alternatively, use the link LocAle Accredited. Other pubs will be accredited in the future.

How to find out if a pub is accredited?

Accredited pubs will have a distinctive sticker in the window and perhaps posters on the wall … and will use pump clip crowners to help identify the local brews on sale. Updates to the list of accredited pubs will appear in future editions of Beer Matters. Please contact our LocAle Coordinator for any questions regarding this scheme.