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Visiting Sheffield and looking for ideas where to go for good beer? The best of the best are featured in the National Good Beer Guide book alongside listings of all the breweries. You can order a copy online.¬†Alternatively every pub is listed on CAMRA’s national pub database website, WhatPub.

Our local pub guides

The guides below are mostly based on articles originally published in our monthly magazine, Beer Matters, and feature pubs along bus and tram routes, in specific areas in or near the city or with a certain theme.

One thought on “Pub Guides

  1. Hi, do you know if there are any pubs in Sheffield that have Maxim Brewery’s version of Wards Best Bitter on the bar?
    My local The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, is reopening very soon, we’d love to have the beer on sale for the opening.
    Until Vaux bought out Wards, The Puzzle was part of the brewery’s tenanted estate.
    A group of regulars put together a community buy-out proposal, which has been successful, and, after a huge effort to rescue the place from becoming derelict, we’re now close to finishing all the work, and hoping to be open late May / early June,
    best wishes, Geoff Amos

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