Beer Central in Moor Market

Beer Central is a new company and open along with all the other traders in the new Moor Market on Nov 25th – located in the very impressive main entrance (easy to dip in and out for a quick beer). It’s a small shop/stall (3m x 3m) but will have up to 2,000 bottles (400 different beers) at full capacity and customers will be able to walk in and browse. We’ll also have a commercial website for sales and delivery. The range will include bottled beers (loads of bottle conditioned), 5L mini-casks, beer books/guides, beer branded clothing and some branded glassware. The beer will cover local brews (pretty much all of the dozens of breweries in and around Sheffield/South Yorkshire including Steel City, Imperial, Bradfield etc.), national UK beers to include Kernel, Magic Rock, Thornbridge, Buxton, Elland, Saltaire, Kirkstall, Bristol Beer Factory, Camden, Blue Monkey and loads more. The international stuff will mostly be from Belgium, Denmark, Norway, USA and a bit of craft stuff from Italy and anywhere else that fits the bill. We’ll have a small but select choice of cider. We’ll not be selling any drinks you can typically find in a supermarket, apart from maybe one or two bottles at the most. Open as per the normal market hours 8.30am – 5.30pm six days per week plus Sundays and late nights seasonally.

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