Sheffield Bar Billiards league expands

Drinkers in Sheffield pubs are being reintroduced to a bar game that had almost died out in the city. Bar Billiards in Sheffield has become so popular that the number of facilities has almost doubled. Landlords Steve and Rebecca Keir are trying to save the traditional pub game from extinction by starting a new league. They started their efforts to save bar billiards in January 2014, as they had one of only two tables left in the city. They joined forces with The Gardeners Rest at Neepsend to host regular tournaments of the traditional pub game. Now there are eight Bar Billiards tables in the city, with new facilities at the Butchers Arms in Marsh Lane, The Steelers Bar at Intake, The Commercial in Chapeltown and more recently at Shakespear’s at West Bar. Steve Keir, and his wife Rebecca, said: “The game is certainly becoming a hit, more and more people are starting to become involved.” Bar billiards, which first became popular in England during the 1930s, developed from the French and Russian game ‘billard russe’. The game is played from only 1 side of the table, making it ideal for small and traditional pubs. Players must pot balls into any of the nine holes on the table, which all have a different point score, within a 17-minute time limit without knocking over any of the three pins. The first Sheffield Bar Billiards league season started in April 2015 with six of the eight pub teams taking part. Butchers Arms (Marsh Lane) Steelers Sports Bar Shakespeare’s The Gardeners Rest The Cross Scythes (Derbyshire Lane) The Commercial The top two teams will go on to play the top two teams in the York Bar Billiards league to find the 2015 Yorkshire Champions. We are working tiredlessly to save this great British game in Yorkshire and are always looking for new venues, teams and players. It is a fun league with players of all abilities and we dont take it too seriously. For us, its more about the game and the enjoyment of playing, not the win. So if you want to join in, all are welcome. Please help us save Bar Billiards contact your local Billiards pub or contact Sheffield Bar Billiards on twitter:, on and on web Steven Keir, the Butchers Arms, Marsh lane.

4 thoughts on “Sheffield Bar Billiards league expands

    1. If you are intrested in playing in our fun league please contact Sheffield bar billiards on line our pop into your local venue
      Thanks for your support

      1. Could you please help me I have a bar billiards table it has 3 mushrooms or 3 pins I have just seen some tables have 4 mushrooms or 4 pins , can you tell me what is the difference is thanks

        1. According to

          “Alternative rules and table variations abound. The time of the game can be set from anywhere between 5 minutes and 20 minutes, the number of balls and skittles can vary. Values of holes can differ as can precisely where the skittles are located. Some rules state that the red ball is always placed back onto it’s spot each time it is potted. Others have a spot for the first white ball too. Some rules say that the last ball can only be potted in the 200 hole.”


          “Skittles come shaped like mushrooms or as small thin posts with metal crosspieces (both designed so that the skittles cannot fall into a cup). The author is also aware that many tables feature 4 skittles instead of 3. Since both the Jersey and All-England Bar Billiards Association rules stipulate that one black and 2 white skittles be used, it’s not clear where this variation came from nor which leagues play with it. Perhaps it’s only played in individual pubs and bars.”

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