Attention Beer Matters distributors!

As part of Sheffield CAMRA’s ongoing improvement we are looking at our Beer Matters magazine and how we distribute it out to our local pubs and clubs. Currently various members collect copies at the monthly committee meeting then take then out to a variety of establishments. As there is no formal log of these distributors we have no way of knowing who to speak to if a new pub requests copies. Beer Matters is a focal point for what we do in Sheffield CAMRA and we want to make sure everyone who is interested can get hold of a copy. Of course we also want to make sure we get the maximum effect from the 3,500 copies we print. If you are one of the regular distributors can you please either email us at or drop a note into the meeting when you next collect. We need to know which puts you deliver to, how many copies you leave and ideally your phone number. If you collect at a different time to the committee meeting simply leave your details with one of the bar staff and we will pick them up when we next pop in. The Rutland Arms is a regular haunt for quite a few of us, so we’ll get your list pretty quickly. Once we have a comprehensive list we can see where we have gaps in the distribution that might need filling and also if we give any crossover in areas and duplication of effort. Of course if you’re a landlord or pub manager and you would like to receive copies of Beer Matters then contact us and we can add your name into the list and allocate someone to drop them off each month. You can also contact us if you are willing to become a distributor. Simply tell us which areas or pubs you could service and we’ll see if we can fit you in.

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