Local Brewery Taps – Part Two

In part one we illustrated the best places to drink beer from some of our local breweries including  Abbeydale, Blue Bee, Bradfield, Drone Valley, Exit 33, Hopjacker, Kelham Island, Little Critters, Neepsend, Sheffield Brewery Co and True North. We hope you managed to get to some of those pubs and enjoy some great local beers! Now for part two we pick up on the remaining local brewers – Emmanuales, Fuggle Bunny, Hope Valley, Intrepid, Lost Industry, Mitchells Hop House, North Union, On the Edge, Regather, Sentinel, Stancill, Steel City, Tapped and Toolmakers.


Emmanuales doesn’t have a brewery tap as such – they cuckoo brew at Sheffield Brewery however so the odd cask may turn up at their tap, the Gardeners Rest at Neepsend. The majority of their beers go into bottle, so try Beer Central in the Moor Market, Hop Hideout on Abbeydale Road, Archer Road Beer Stop at Millhouses or Beer Stop at Dronfield.

Fuggle Bunny

Again, no official brewery tap although their beers do regularly appear locally. The best option however is to drink from the source – the brewery opens to the public every Friday evening with take outs available! The brewery is about 10 minutes walk from Halfway tram terminus or bus 71 passes outside.

Hope Valley

You probably won’t have heard of this brewery unless you have stayed in the YHA Youth Hostel located between Hope and Castleton where it is based in an outbuilding. The manager is the brewer and he produces small batches on an as and when basis. The only place that serves the beer in the Youth Hotel itself – you will notice a refreshment counter joining the reception desk when you check in and that it has a handpump. The beer is available at selected events and in the dining room from time to time.


Another brewery located in the Peak District’s Hope Valley, this one is at Brough near Bradwell. A range of regular beers include a Blonde, American Pale, Stout, Porter and Bitter with suitable adventure type names are brewed along with regular specials brewed that are either interpretations of world beer styles or collaborations with local organisations. The local pub that regularly stocks their beer is the Anglers Rest in Bamford, a community owned pub that hosts not just a bar but a cafe and post office!

Lost Industry

A brewery that likes to experiment with all sorts of beer styles and ingredients with beers released in bottle, in cask and in keg. They don’t have a regular tap although there are regular bottle stockists, look out for them turning up on draft now and again in the various craft orientated bars.

Mitchells Hop House

Mitchells again doesn’t have a regular tap, however the brewery is attached to an off licence where you can buy their bottled beers. You will find it at Meadowhead shops (buses 24, 25, 43, 44, 75, X17). Their beers do however turn up on cask now and again at the New Barrack Tavern near Hillsborough.

North Union

North Union doesn’t normally produce cask beer, their quality craft beers are however available in bottles in most of the specialist beer shops around our area (such as Beer Central, Turners, Hop Hideout, Dronfield Beer Stop, Archer Road Beer Stop etc). They also turn up on keg now and again.

On the Edge

This is a nano brewery located in the owners kitchen! There is no regular tap house although the beers do turn up from time to time at the Broadfield, however look out for their 9-pin events advertised. They take place about three times a year at the Old Junior School on South View Road, Sharrow, featuring a pin each of 9 different interesting beers they have recently brewed.


This co-operative organisation has a small brewery that is used for special events including brewing courses and beer and food matching evenings, however a limited quantity is also brewed for bottles to sell. Look out for the events at Regather Works in Nether Edge advertised.


The Sentinel Brewhouse is more a brewery with a bar rather than a brewpub, however it is a great venue to go and drink fresh beer and grab a bite to eat to go with it. You’ll find it on Shoreham Street between BBC Radio Sheffield and the inner ring road (buses 1, 1a, 24, 25, 56 stop on the other side of the dual carriageway).


Stancill have two of their own pubs – the Horse & Jockey at Wadsley and the Norfolk Arms at Grenoside. Both are recently refurbished, showcase their beer range and are community orientated and have regular events. See their advert for more details.

Steel City

Steel City is a part time cuckoo brewing operation consisting of Dave Szwejkowski turning up at Toolmakers Brewery and brewing something interesting at a frequency of approximately once every when he can be bothered. Most of his beers are the kind of hop monsters he enjoys drinking but chilli beers and other crazy experimental beers have also been produced and always to a high standard. Look out for his beers in the Forest and Shakespeare’s.


The Sheffield Tap bar on platform 1b of Sheffield railway station probably needs no introduction. Its the old first class refreshment rooms that stood empty and near derelict for a number of years before Pivovar restored them to the full ornate glory, opened it as a real ale and craft beer bar with its own in house brewery. There is always a range of their beers on the bar at the Tap, additionally there is usually a Tapped beer on the bar at the Hillsborough Hotel.


The Forest on Rutland Road near Neepsend is the dedicated tap owned by Toolmakers brewery, with the brewery located just around the corner. The brewery is in an old toolmakers workshop, hence the name, brewing a variety of beers named after the theme. The Forest pub is a traditional local with two rooms, friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.

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