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The Beer House micropub: tiny but so cute

The Beer House is a small pub but with a great choice of beer, gin and whiskey.

The Beer House is one of the youngest beer premises in Sheffield. It opened its doors just a year ago but has already get to the heart of beer-lovers (and not only them). It was not easy: as Sheffield is the best city for Real Ale beer after London it attracts hordes of entrepreneurs. This makes the competition fierce. Floating in the mare magnum of local pubs is tough. Yet The Beer House has achieved the goal. A quality-oriented management earned it the titles of Best New Bar in 2015 and CAMRA Pub of the month of April 2016.

Micro Pub, in name and in fact.

A blackboard on the roadside gripped my attention. It was indicating the presence of a urban beer oasis. There was no need to look far away: it was just right there, a miniature version of a beer garden. The hall is practically a room of about 25 square meters and is equipped with L-shaped bar featuring a 9 taps (6 hand pump and 3 pins). Next to the hall there is another room of the same size. It ‘a traditional pub. No kitchen but the possibility to order pizza from the nearby pizzeria it doesn’t feel the lack.

The furnishings: frugal, praise of simplicity.

The Beer House doesn’t stand out for its furniture. Somehow this very little attention to detail enhances the beverage offering. Decor is spartan, decorated with wooden furniture. Cosy and friendly, animated by the copious chatter of those coming and going.

The beer choice is mostly local.

Whether it’s cask or keg, The Beer House is betting on the local brewing scene. The aim is making the freshness of beer paramount of the quality. Beer is not alone. To accompany the offering is well equipped with a selection of Gin and Whisky.

The reviews

Full Nelson, Tiny Rebel, Pacific Pale Ale 4.8% abv.

Clear, golden colour and straw reflexes. No foam as only the cask pouring can. The aromatic welcome is gooseberry. New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops is obvious. Even though there is no trace of tomato sauce or “cat’s pee”. Several cereals (bread, crackers, hay) and fruit, landing on a carpet of yogurt. The heart is tropical (canned pineapple). Light mouthfeel and no carbonation. Slightly sweet, low attenuation and little sour ending. Medium body tasting like liquid bread. Huge amount of fruit (gooseberry, peach, melon, pineapple, orange peel). A harsh and slightly acid halftime (yogurt, apple juice) breaks the tie with the past and open the path to maltiness, partially fragrant: bread crust, crackers, acacia honey. Sweet finish yet dry, with a zesty hint of lemon. Floral aftersmell, pineapple aftertaste. New Zealand Western.

Plum Porter, Titanic, Porter by 4.9% abv.

A timeless classic, a lighthouse in uncertain waters. Elegant burgundy colour with ruby counterlights; clear aspect. The aroma has prominent fruity notes. No suggestion: there is plum like if there was no tomorrow. Nor sour nor dehydrated but ripe, luscious and sweet. Body of black/red fruits (blackberries, wild strawberries, blueberries) and trace of apricot syrup. The heart reminds of ice cream (licorice and cola). In the mouth it is flat; medium to full body and velvety mouthfeel. The first sip is like opening the Pandora’s box: red fruits (raisins, prunes), stone fruits (peach, mango, apricot) and dark notes (barley, licorice root, milk chocolate). It finishes with a sweet cherry presence. Sweet but not cloying end, cleaned by the roasted bitterness (bottom of coffee, cocoa powder, chocolate). Ethyl aftersmell, warm aftertaste (Whisky). Evergreen (or everblack).

Cwtch, Tiny Rebel, Welsh Red Ale from 4.6% abv.

Amber colour, orange hues and thinly veiled look. Very intense aroma. Very seductive as well: acocktail of orange (peach, melon, orange) and tropical fruits (mango, pink grapefruit, passion fruit). Above all there is a resinous base, praising the best of American hops. The heart is like going to a circus: caramelized hazelnut and cotton candy. In the mouth it is even more delicious. Medium to full body, round mouthfeel with sharp tips (pepper, peppermint). The mouth is filled with fruitness (melon, peach, curaçao, passion fruit) but there are even malts (caramel and orange honey). The sugar is well balanced by light roasted notes (caramel, hazelnut) and fruity sourness (bitter orange peel, grapefruit). Full attenuated end. Butterscotch aftersmell, bitter orange peel aftertaste. Supreme.

To succeed selling smoke is useless: quality makes the difference. The Beer House understood this as well as its aficionados.


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