Heritage Pubs – Queen’s Ground

The inner lobby of the Queen’s Ground has distinctive mosaic/terrazzo tiling ‘Queen’s Ground Hotel’. To the left of the entrance, the Smoke Room (inter-war wording on exterior windows) has highly detailed decorated coving, possibly from the 1850s. The rear left inter-war room has panelling with bell pushes. On the front right, the original billiard room (inter-war wording on front windows with Wards ‘sheaf’ symbol above) includes a fine fireplace of inter-war design with copper interior fittings/hood. Look for the top right of the fireplace which has markings from hanging snooker chalks swinging into it. The rear right room was originally living quarters until the extensive 1973 refit when the pub was opened-up. It now includes raised seating around 3/4 size snooker table. At this time new bar fittings were installed and off-sales from the front area ceased. The back wall originally had a window. A flat roof extension was added and panelling replaced the window. There is a fine ‘Wards Fine Malt Ales Wines Sprits’ window (inter war) above the bar. Originally this window was above a double doorway. Queens Ground Plans 1913 A 1913 plan (see image) shows the bar is on your left after passing through the lobby. Plans indicate some reconfiguring of the bar area to make the bar wider and allow slight reconfiguration of seating in the ‘big room’ at the front of the building (left room looking from Langsett Road). Other front room is a ‘billiard room.’ A 1939 plan shows no change to the three existing rooms – ‘Smoke Room’ at the rear left, ‘Tap Room’ (front left) and ‘Billiard Room’ (front right). A bottle store in the kitchen (rear right) is changed into a ‘Larder’ with a new window to Hatton Road and ‘Wooden Sheds’ in the yard are converted into ‘Bottles,’ Wash House’ and ‘WC’ (Fenton and Robinson, Chartered Architects, Sheffield). 1973 brings more changes (Jenkinson Palmer and Associates, Rotherham for S.H.Ward & Co.Ltd.). The bar is moved to its current location and the existing ‘Living Kitchen’ becomes a new ‘Billiard Room.’ The existing Billiard Room’ becomes part of the ‘Lounge’ which now extends across the full width of the building. In addition, inside toilets are built, as an extension, at the rear left of the building. A ‘Club Room’ continues to exist at the front right of the building. A 1982 plan indicates no changes since 1973. 1986 (Worksop Home Planners, see image) brought a catering kitchen, as an extension at the rear right of the pub. Queens Ground Plans 1986 The name changed from ‘Queens Ground Hotel’ to ‘Queens Ground’ in the 1960s. The pub was in the same family for three generations. Landlord William Wild Banks in 1910, his widow became Landlord and the son followed. Fred Kelvey was Landlord from 1959 until 1985. The name originated from the cricket and athletics ground which was situated at the back of the pub. Dave Pickersgill The Queen’s Ground is located at 401 Langsett Road, Hillsborough, S6 2JL. Buses 31a, 57, 61, 62, 81, 82 and 85 all stop nearby, or you can get the Blue or Yellow trams to Hillsborough.

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