Ale Club, Ecclesall Road

The Ecclesall Ale Club celebrated its first birthday on 15 November 2018. The micro pub is owned and run by Sheffield-based cuckoo brewer The Brew Foundation, which in turn was celebrating its third birthday in November. The double celebration called for a party… so one was indeed thrown! The evening was a great success with much fun, and beer, had by all. Most importantly it was all for a great cause, with over £3,500 raised for Weston Park Cancer Charity – well done Sheffield, you generous and thirsty lot!

The Ale Club and The Brew Foundation would like to thank all their customers for their genuine support over the last year. As some of you will know, James from The Brew Foundation has had to have treatment at Weston Park last year and the support and well wishes from everyone made it a lot more bearable. Thank you.

James Eardley

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