Carbrook Hall

As you are probably aware, as a pub, the ACV-rated, Carbrook Hall closed in March 2017 and over two years later reopened as ‘Starbucks Carbrook Hall.’ Just before Christmas, I finally visited. The Jacobean wood panelling in the ‘Old Oak Room’ has been retained and is in good condition. However, the ceiling has received a heavy dose of white paint. On my previous visit, in April 2019 while renovations were taking place, the ceiling was exhibiting the distinctive colourful design which had been in place for years.

This heavy use of white paint is the heritage equivalent of taking white paint to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (1471/81). From 1508/12, Michelangelo painted the Renaissance frescoes on the ceiling. They remain to this day. The same should have happened to the paintwork on the ceiling of the Old Oak Room.

Suffice to say, that was my last ever visit to a Starbucks.

Dave Pickersgill

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