WhatPub survey volunteers needed!

WhatPub is the rather handy public face of CAMRA’s pub database, maintained by volunteer members of branches across the country. The website is designed to be an online guide listing every pub and club in the country. It also allows members to score their beers, which helps gives an idea where the best beer is to be found!

We think we have everywhere in Sheffield you can go for a pint listed on WhatPub, however are equally aware that the information for some of the pubs are now out of date. Formal survey work undertaken is very limited and we rely on members and publicans to submit up to date information on things like opening hours, beer range, food service etc.

There is a link on every pub’s page to submit updates, so if you run a pub or go to a pub for a beer, please consider checking their WhatPub entry is correct and if not, let us know the latest details.

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