South Yorkshire Local Heritage List

The South Yorkshire Local Heritage List identifies heritage assets that are valued as contributing to the distinctiveness and history of South Yorkshire but that are not protected by statutory national designations, such as Listing or Scheduling. Inclusion on the Local Heritage List can allow the more local significance of a building, place or site to be taken into account in planning decisions that affect it or its setting. It does not provide the same level of protection as national designation, but will be of assistance when planning applications are submitted.

Sheffield and District CAMRA has ensured that pubs mentioned in the recently published book, Sheffield’s Real Heritage Pubs which are not nationally listed or in a Conservation Area, have been put forward for the Local Heritage List. However, this leaves many pubs which are not listed – possibly your local?

From the website, you can view the existing list, see the assessment criteria and nominate candidates. Please make sure your favourite heritage buildings are nominated!

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