As you left their recent (excellent) beer festival, I’m sure you all spotted the pane of glass above the inner entrance door at Shakespeares. Apparently, this was acquired at an auction some years ago, but where did it originate?

It could be Arkwright’s Brewery (2011): originally based at The Real Ale Shop, Lovat Road, Preston. The shop closed in 2014 and the brewery re-located and upgraded to a 10 Bbl plant. In 2015 it was renamed Darkwave Brewing, ceasing production in 2018. Arkwright’s beer was available at nearby Fat Cat in August 2013.

Or perhaps, it’s from the set of the Ronnie Barker Open All Hours TV series (1976/1985) – the name above the shop is Arkwright.

Any ideas?

Dave Pickersgill & Lucienne Pinglewick

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