Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Welbeck 438It’s a new year and we have a new plan to bring you delicious new ales. Over the past year we have grown into a thriving brewery with an expanding number of different recipes in our repertoire. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to grow, from drinkers to publicans, brewers to CAMRA bods, we’re looking forward to another successful year with you all.

As we’ve grown to work with a wider range of pubs, it’s allowed us to be a little more creative with our recipes. This year we’re bringing to you two limited edition beers every month, along side our core range of five ales. These exciting new beers will fall in three series’: Best of British, Continental, or New World.

Each and every month we will present to you a ‘Best of British’ beer. These will range from pale English ales to strong traditional IPAs but will all be brewed using only British Ingredients. The first in this series is Endeavor, using the brand new and highly sought after English hop.

On alternate months we’ll craft either a ‘New World’ beer using choicest hops from America, New Zealand or Australia, or a ‘Continental’ style using hops and techniques from the continent.

In January we have a Continental series beer – Henrietta Grande, brew­ed with Hall­ertau Brewers Gold. Look forward to February for Admiral Keppel, a 4.3% golden English ale brewed using Admiral hops in the traditional way to give a warming aroma of spiced oranges. It will be the turn of the New World hops to be showcased, and we’re kicking off this series with an old favourite, Dark Horse. This 4.8% black IPA is brewed using a combination of four different dark malts and hops from 3 continents, to give a complex citrus aroma that mingles with the burnt roast flavours. The dry addition of New Zealand hops gives an extra fruity zing.

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