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Following on from February’s Tin Can Avenger comes the second beer in our light versus dark series. Dunkel Devastator 5.6% Dark German Wheat Beer, combines wheat, toasted malts, german hops and a specially sourced wheat beer yeast. A superb pint with a full rich dark body and a luscious punch of toffee maltiness. Our second special for March follows our ‘Rocket Man’ theme as we leap toward the final frontier with Zombies of the Stratosphere 4.5% Stellar Golden Ale. ZOTS is a blazing extraterrestrial ale with a sweet caramalt flavour and resinous lime and pine aromas from two types of the finest Styrian Golding hop varieties. Alongside our usual brewery tours we have some great nights planned for the Kelham Island Loft Bar so check out our website for details of a Wine Tasting on Friday 28 March & Whisky and Chocolate on Friday 21 March. If you were lucky enough to get our Brewery Tour Vouchers in your Christmas stocking these can be used toward any of our interesting Loft Bar events. The Brewery Shop goes from strength to strength so if you are passing please call in to say hello and check us out.

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  1. Can you please Tell me if Dunkel Devestator is Vegan friendly, or any of your beers? Thanks!

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