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Firstly bad news to report,  after a hop shortage we have been unable to get hold of any Cascade hops which means we are having to let Nectar Pale take a back seat over the next couple of months. But not to worry we have the perfect replacement in Reet Pale (4.0%)  it is of a similar style to Nectar Pale just slightly more hoppy. Sticking with Admiral for bittering then the American pairing of Summit and Ahtanum to give a citrusy and floral aroma. We also tried something for the first time when we dry hopped the fermentor with Comet pellets to give even more great flavours and aromas. Reet palesimcoe ipa We are now constantly rolling out  5.0% specials which will be available to buy on some SIBA lists. First we had the Geek a single hopped Mosaic beer that flew out and next up is Simcoe IPA. Which you guessed is a single hopped beer with the US hop Simcoe used throughout including dry hopping in the fermentor. Simcoe is full of grapefruit and passion fruit flavours. On top of that we have brewed Kikorangi Red (4.5%) a red hoppy beer using Carared and Carafa malt along with three different varieties of New Zealand hops: Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade and Pacific Gem. Keep any eye out for further Blue Bee specials as we hope to brew a lot more, next in the pipe line will be a Black IPA and we will see what we can do with our Sorachi Ace hops.

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