Steel City Brewing

Steel City’s He’s Not The Messiah won the Silver Award in the Bitter category at Peterborough Beer Festival. Does this mean there was a beer that was more bitter than 127IBU?! Seriously though, Dave and Shazz (and guest brewer Noel!) are pretty please to pick up an award, especially from a festival with so many beers. TMB09 Grateful Deaf Grateful Deaf American Pale Ale is now doing the rounds… it’s perhaps ironic the first beer Steel City name ‘Pale’ for years is three times darker than their usual offerings – almost makes Black IPA sound sensible! While the brew may look more like a traditional bitter, the taste is anything but, with tropical flavours and a bitter finish.   Somewhat unbelievably (to Dave and Gazza at least), September marks the fifth anniversary of the first Steel City brew. Brewed at The Brew Company, under Pete’s license, Hop Manifesto seemed pretty ground-breaking at the time, marking Steel City’s arrival with what they would later term ‘Transatlantic Pale Ale’, i.e. a very American hop profile but built on a very English pale malt base with no coloured malts or grains at all. The lads are contemplating marking the occasion with the unprecedented step of repeating a brew – a re-brew of Hop Manifesto in fact. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the last five years for Dave and Gazza is just how much the beer market has changed – hard to believe now that they got into brewing because it was so difficult to find the hop-heavy brews they favour!

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