“Electrifying Ale” to commemorate 60th anniversary of first electrified main line

Don Valley Railway , the group behind plans to re-introduce passenger services to the remaining section of the Woodhead railway line on the East side of the Pennines between Stocksbridge and Sheffield,  wish to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Britain’s first electrified inter city main line between Manchester and Sheffield, which was officially opened on September 20th  1954.

 We, The Sheffield Brewery Company, whose brewery is a few hundred yards from the line, are delighted to be brewing a hoppy light, zesty electrifying ale for Don Valley Railway in its memory.

The Woodhead Railway built back in Victorian times was electrified in work starting before the war in 1938 and only completed in 1954, making it Britain’s first electrified inter-city railway line.

DVR plans are being proposed to feature revolutionary new Light Rapid Transit vehicles that are low fuel, low cost, easy to run vehicles that could revolutionise the operation of rail branch lines from highly subsidized to break even, and the line to Stocksbridge could be at the start of this.

Don Valley Railway head of publicity Chris Hyomes says:

“Alas the government called time on the Woodhead Railway, but as well as a drink to the memory of its opening 60 years ago, we’d like to raise a toast to a new future for the route.”

We’ll be selling the special direct to landlords so don’t delay in ordering this momentus ale!



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