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The story so far… It has been a year since the great move of the Brewing Equipment from the now demolished Oakwell Brewery in Barnsley to the world famous Real Ale city of Sheffield. This was no easy task! Over 10 tonnes of kit was dismantled, transported and reassembled in just 4 weeks! It was a race against time, with the demolition company on site at Oakwell, and the clock ticking with the 2 week “Get Out” deadline. Anything that was left behind, or not removed in time was to be flattened! Our saving grace was Tim Gill our Managing Director’s father. He has been an engineer all his life, working at another great South Yorkshire institution TATA steel. Tim and a small team of engineers conducted the decommission, transportation and reassemble with faultless precision and speed. Towards the end of the dismantle, the team was forced to work in the dark, without power. The demolition team had cut the electricity supply to the site. Daily we had to fight off the scrap metal merchants coming onto the site attempting to take the copper piping that we use to help cool the fermentation vessels. Things became very heated indeed! Working all through the night for the deadline week, our fantastic team of South Yorkshire engineers freed the last pipes from the condemned site and we left. This was end of an era for Barnsley Bitter brewed in Oakwell, Barnsley since the 1850s. From the ashes of Oakwell, two young lads born and bred in Barnsley, with all the passion and heart of their fellow townsfolk have brought back the Brew after just a 9 months absence from the market. With a hiss and a jeer from many a nay-sayer, we battled through and got our first firkin of Barnsley Bitter, brewed in Sheffield to the Market in February 2014. Two months later, it was crowned the Champion Bitter of Yorkshire 2014. So why did we do it? The same Brewery, the same brewer, the same yeast, the same recipe, but better water. More than that: if you believe you have a top quality brewer, producing the best beer in the country, with the best water in the country and the best ingredients in the country, why wouldn’t you want that real ale to be produced in the most famous real ale city in the world! Stancill Barnsley Bitter. Ingredients: two hearts forged in Barnsley. Made In: the most famous real ale city in the world. Champion Bitter of Yorkshire 2014. From all at Stancill Brewery, a massive thank you to every last one of you who have supported us either with your kind words, messages or just by buying a pint of Stancill. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2015 – it’s going to be a big one!

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