Steel City Brewing

Steel City are back from yet another 3-month gap! Dave is his usual festive self, with Christmas is Cancelled being available by the time you read this. The name is inspired by the long-standing tradition of Xmas beers being not only brown and malty, but full of spices that have absolutely no place in beer. As the pumpclip states, ‘To hell with the forced cheer. Screw the once-a-year drinkers. But most of all, stuff your spiced beers up your…’ – if that’s not enough of a clue, CiC is a very pale, very bitter, very hoppy brew with 100+ IBU of Magnum followed by Centennial and Pacific Jade for flavour, topped off with Green Bullet in the fermenter. Remember, a hop is not just for Christmas… TMB10 xmas In other news, Steel City have acquired a few 5-litre minikegs for home sales, and if a trial run is successful will be making these available more readily in the new year. Some readers may remember way back in March Dave and Shazz travelled to Hebden Bridge to brew with Dan at Bridestones. Well, ever since then the beer, a 6% Oatmeal Stout, has been maturing in 18-year-old Highland Park barrels. And now it’s been unleashed! On tapping the two barrels, Dan couldn’t believe just how different from each other they tasted! One then received a tree’s-worth of cherries, while the other received vanilla pods, before maturing a further month. Both will be available side-by-side at the Shakespeare autumn festival, as well as at Craft Beer Co in That London. Hopefully bottles will also be available. Truly, these beers are So Craft It Hurts…  

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