Welbeck Abbey Brewery

We’re well into 2015 now and the year is already taking shape. Our first few specials have been a hit, especially Seven Sisters at 4.2% ABV which had a lovely sweet lemon barley flavour. For February we have one new special, one repeat appearance from last year and of course, one old favourite. savoy hill Savoy Hill, the main service entrance for the Welbeck Abbey, was named so because it once resembled the stunning entrance to the grand Savoy Hotel in London. Now it’s unfortunately lost many of the original glasswork and tiling but the name remains. This beer should be no less spectacular than the entrance, being filled with the mouth-wateringly fresh aromas of pear, orange and passion fruit. This is a 4.2% beer however, making it a pleasantly light indulgence. welbeck2 Cathedral Beeches is repeated special from last year. Coming in at 3.7% this traditional bitter is full of heady herbal aromas from British Phoenix hops, making it surprisingly delicious and certainly more interesting than many of its counterparts. The name stems from an area of woodland with towering Beech trees in which young lovers at Welbeck used to come and carve their names. welbeckkaiser Kaiser makes an appearance in February as our next Favourite at Welbeck. Our 4.1% Lager style pale ale is brewed using lager ingredients but in the British way to get the most from these traditional ingredients. If you miss it this month then don’t panic, it’ll be back again in May. Aside from the exciting news that we are brewing three specials per month now, we have finally finished the building project and are open for brewery tours again! The tours are booked as private events so if you would like to organise a visit or even a party at the brewery and we would be happy to help. We’ll be taking part in Sheffield Science Week 2015 as we did in 2014. There will be around 30 places available for members of the public to come to Welbeck for a brewery tour, practical brewing experiments, and a Q&A session with brewers and academics. This will be on Thursday 19th and places for this event and others can be booked here: http://www.scienceweeksy.org.uk/events/offline Finally, we are very pleased to have been shortlisted as Company of the Year in the North Notts Business Awards 2015! The final is to be held on Thursday 2nd April, so please keep your fingers crossed for us and we’ll let you know how we do.

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