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Diabolis Interium came out at 5.5% and is now doing the rounds, while Funeral in Carpathia is a very irresponsible 8.7%, look out for it on cask at the Shakespeare and in bottles at Beer Central and Hop Hideout. The Shakespeare also has the sole cask of Rum Rum Gimme More Rum, the first person to guess the mystery adjunct wins the usual Steel City competition prize of **** all…

TMB11 Diabolis Interium v2 TMB11Z Funeral in Carpathia

Some more details have now emerged regarding the away collaboration weekend in March – the first brew was at Hopcraft (Gazza ‘Two Hats’ Prescott again representing both breweries), and following on from the numerous Black IPAs both have brewed insults history a different way, being a White Porter. Insult to History II has all the body and flavour hallmarks of a porter – coffee, chocolate, etc, along with coconut, but is pale – not strictly white, but a pale golden colour. The second brew, at Arbor in Bristol, is another style twist, this time a black barley wine. TMB12 Troika V2 Back at home, Steel City hosted a three-way collaboration with David from Raw and Sue from Waen (in deepest Wales). Troika, named after the Soviet judicial commissions which also involved three people,  is appropriately a ‘Red IPA’. In keeping with the ‘theme’, Troika uses three hops for flavour, though these aren’t known at the time of writing!  The minikit was used to make another irresponsible brew, Raw Steel Barley Waen… A variation on the main brew, yet to be named, will be out at the end of April to celebrate a special birthday for Shazz (her 21st, obviously…) Steel City All Hallows Eve was named by Ratebeer as Best Beer in South Yorkshire, the second year in a row Steel City have picked up this award, but this year they went one better and also picked up Best Brewer.

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