Steel City Brewing

Steel City haven’t been back in the brewhouse since Troika, which should be doing the rounds now, but have been busy with collaborations. The Hopcraft collab is an Insult to History, being a white porter, and is named Midnight in Antarctica as it’s light when it should be dark! Next up was a three-way collab at Imperial brewery in Mexborough with Great Heck… or rather two three-way-collabs, as once again parti-gyling was used to create dark and pale versions. The Four Stooges is the pale versions, with hops including Magnum, Dana, Chinook and Citra. Incubus, named after a demon, is the dark side. Finally, the Shakespeare has a special and possibly incendiary cask of Molten Steel, a pin of Troika with added Scotch Bonnet and Naga chillies. Hopefully the chillies will give a lemony and peppery flavour as well as several thousand scovilles!

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