Brewery Bites

Beer has started appearing in pubs, including the Sheaf View and Blake, under the Neepsend Brewery name, these are understood to be brewed at Little Ale Cart Brewery by James Birkett (owner of the aforementioned pubs) following his buying a share of the brewery. More on this next month. True North Brewery is the brand that has been used for house  beers (including some experimental ones) by the Forum Group (who owns a number of pubs and bars including Old House, Forum Café Bar, Common Room, The York, Broadfield and British Oak) and have been previously brewed at Brew Company and Wellbeck Abbey and are currently brewed at Stancill Brewery (which is a joint Forum Group and Jonny Stancill Enterprise). A new brewer has been recruited to look after the True North Beers (and True North Sheffield Gin) and an announcement is expected very soon about True North getting their own brewery in Sheffield City Centre, this will see an increase in production and the beers being sold into the free trade as well as Forum Group bars.  

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