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Collaboration brew with 18 Bikes – Midland Red

The guys at 18 bikes had expressed an interest in a collaborative brew for a while so for our eighteenth batch of beer we joined forces. We provided the brewery, they provided the bikes… for more on that check out the video provided by the fantastic Richard Baybutt – it is available on the brewery website.


They requested a thirst quenching beer to have after a ride in the stunning Peak District countryside. Possibly a bitter / brown but preferably light on the ABV but not a hop monster like an IPA. Their flagship road bike frame that they manufacture is a Midland Railway Red frame called Monsal. What better reason to create a red beer?

Unlike the Irish Red beer which is quite mellow, the American Red can be though of as a more malty pale ale with plenty of refreshing hops, both in bitterness to balance the malt and in the aroma with fruity american hops. The formal name for this style of beer is an American Amber which covers a broad range but this Red Intrepid Pale Ale will have a bit of a hop hit with the malty smooth base from the malt.

Since we are going for a much lower ABV than the American ales tend to go for and we have increased the nuttiness a little to reference the request for a bitter / brown we are going to dub the beer a Midland Red instead.

Intrepid Journey #3 : Indian Pale Ale (American) 5.4%

Following the success of the Eighteen Collaboration we thought it would be a good idea to test out the NZ Waimea hops in an IPA. The American style of an IPA is quite a bit lighter in colour than the UK version and with bags of late hops thrown in for flavour.

Traditionally an American IPA would have just American hops in it but we have late hopped this with Waimea (New Zealand) & Cascade (US), bittered with Galaxy (Australia) and Waimea and dry hopped. This beer has a lot more hops in it than any of our other beers. Hoppyness is measured in IBUs, the IPA has 70 IBU, Explorer is 30 IBU. But it’s not all about bitterness, this beer starts with plenty of fruity flavours too, all from the trio of hops. The slight caramel from the malt is just enough to counter the hop bitterness.


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