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Steel City have gone all political in the wake of the election results! (A quick word from the editor – CAMRA is a non party political organisation – views here are from the brewer, who also advocates a system of democracy of one-man-one-vote as long as he is the one man with the one vote…) TMB13 Nobody The first brew after Britain sentenced itself to five years of pain is Just What Nobody Wanted, a name taken from a Skyclad track and very fitting given two thirds of people voted against the ruling party. The beer itself is a Transatlantic Pale Ale, featuring Columbus for bittering followed by Mosaic, Azacca and Pacific Jade for flavour. An even more politically explicit version for Glastonwick beer festival has added lemongrass and chilli and is named appropriately. The minikit was also fired up, though not politically… Sean from Beer Central came along to brew an exclusive bottling for the shop, a keykeg will also be produced for the Shakespeare. Mango Fruit Machine is, as the name suggests, a Mango IPA. Weighing in at 6.5%ish, Mangosaic features 120IBU of Columbus followed by Mosaic and Azacca for flavour, then mango pulp added both before and after fermentation. Approximately 60 bottles will be produced (Steel City’s new craft-as-you-like blue-glass swing-top bottles, no less!), look out for the announcements on social media (Beer Central and Steel City Brewing on Farcebook, @BeerCentralLtd and @SteelCityBrew on Twitter), they’re sure to not last long!  

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  1. What a childish thing to do. I think the Steel City brewery need to grow up!

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